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Sensing Place - Elaine Drysdale

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 Oct 6th 2016 11:43am

Elaine Drysdale
As you may know we have partnered with Byron School of Art to feature works from emerging artists.Works will rotate on a 6 weekly turnaround and are all for sale.
The first of our exhibitors is Elaine Drysdale. Here is a little bit about the artist and her exhibition:
This exhibition is about my journey to Arkaroola in the Flinders Ranges, which I visited for the first time in September 2015 during a 5 day artist's retreat. I found this arid, but beautiful landscape with its pale lilac, pink and burnt sienna palette inspiring. 
This work is an attempt to communicate my intense experience of the beauty of this place and the spirit of the land. My work focuses on using all the sense, especially intuition to sense, experience and translate the energy of the place.
My process is to spend a lot of time in the landscape, connecting to, experiencing, observing, taking photographs and making water colour sketches. Working in the landscape can be overwhelming at times due to the amount of visual and sensory information and practical considerations such as weather and safety factors. Being able to bring back information to the sanctuary of my studio is important as it is where the information can be processed further.
In addition to watercolours, I enjoy working with oil paints. Slower drying times allows for greater degrees of colour mixing and time for the painting to unfold and memories and experiences in the landscape to emerge. Often these experiences and subconsciously mixed with other memories and experiences and something new and the unexpected can emerge.
The Byron School of Art (BSA) is a not-for-profit art school based on an international model of Artists Teaching Artists in a studio-based learning environment.  

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