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Naked Treaties Rawganics

 Mar 1st 2014 12:29pm

Naked Treaties Rawganics

Naked Treaties Rawganics is a perfect icon for beautiful Byron Bay, sharing health and vibrant nutrition, supporting local farmers and businesses, doing all they can to sustain the environment and guide people on their path to radiance in a fun and inspiring way.

Located just around the corner from us on Marvell Street, true beauty is indeed created within..

100% RAW, ORGANIC, VEGAN, GLUTEN, DAIRY & SUGAR FREE treats that are DELICIOUS on your LIPS but won’t go to you HIPS! The active enzymes in Raw food means that your body knows just what to do with the nurturing ingredients. They are brimming with essential “thinny” acids, a must for weight control & Raw FAIR TRADE super foods once used by Incan Warriors for their powerful medicinal properties & sourced from Communities in South America providing a sustainable income for the villiagers. All of the Treaties are made with ORGANIC ingredients and blessed in a ceremony of love and gratitude to imbue the receiver with health, well being, and of course the spirit of love!

Are you still reading?! Jump up, grab your bike, and get down to Naked Treaties! They are open Monday to Saturday 8am-4pm.

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