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Byron Quarter goes Solar!

 Feb 22nd 2016 1:38pm

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The owners’ corporation has invested in a 15 kW  (kilowatt) photovoltaic solar system.  This has been installed to make enough electricity to power all the common area electrical loads, with some left over!

The common area electrical equipment includes all the lights in the stairs and corridors, as well as the external illuminated signs.  Also included are the electric motors for the garage rolla-door and the pool pumps. The system has been  oversized by design,  as there are future loads to be harnessed to this system. The major future appliances include a new heat pump for the pool. This works like a giant air conditioner (on the heat mode) and will efficiently heat the pool water all year round.

The future development is to install a battery bank, which will be charged during the day by the solar power, then run all the energy efficient lighting during the night. This effectively means that the whole building  (but not the individual apartments) could be run entirely by the solar system, and theoretically independent of the grid supply.

The installed system has over 60 solar panels.

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